Roman Blinds Manufacturers & Suppliers Mumbai –

We also make chain operated roman blind made out of fabric available in the market in smaller width in general 48” 54” or 72”or 120 “ . The fabric is stitched in a way that it form panel of 6” to 9 “ and fold up as shown in the picture . They can be manually operated by chain or be motorized .

We also make curtains of homes projects like for hotels , resorts etsc with American pleats or modern customer or architect tailor designs

Suggestion to architects and interior decorators.

If you are installing roller blinds for projects, these points can be noted down the roller blinds can be wall mounted or top or ceiling mounted as the side conditions permits, You require minimum 3” free space in either type installation, To avoid drills at the corners of window granites or marble this care has to be taken Blinds for windows of higher width more than 8 feet.

We advise that the roller blinds width should be restricted up to 96 “ to easily manually operate the blinds.

If not possible the distance or width of blind can be divided into two or three part in a such a way that gap between to fabrics of two consecutive blinds placed in series falls over the vertical member of the sliding window or Glass frame structure, thus you can make two equal blinds or a small and big width blind to avoid visible gap to outside light . if there are even number of frams of glass panes make two equal blinds or one smaller one bigger if odd number of glass frames are there in the window in consideration.

If roller blinds are placed inside the wooden pelmets to avoid visibility of top rolling roller pipe or channel

For Single roller blind Minimum 4 Inches in celling 4’ X 6 “ appropriate size.
If two blinds are required to able overlapping of roller fabrics to completely block the light minimum width at the top required is 8 inches size 8 “ X 6” size Appropriate

Please keep safe distance of more than one feet if the blinds are to be installed wall mounted below Air conditioners.

Please provide provision of electric point two wires at either end of roller blinds if you are planning for motorized blinds.

Care for the blinds.

Take care to dust off the blinds daily or in a week with the help of soft fabrics to avoid dust accumulation in the longer run. Please operate the blinds with light force do not use forcible actions to pull up blinds see if the stopper as shown by the installer during installation. Do call us for easy solutions or to avoid unnecessary wear or breakup. Please remember not to use higher width roller blinds for outside use to avoid rain water in balconies as the Thrust is directionally proportion to the area of window facing fabric it may bend or put extra stress or load to the operating control systems. If you require the customers have the option of providing two roller blinds one behind another like combination of screen and blackout blinds.

To avoid minimum space or gap between fabrics of two consecutive in series roller blinds a special bracket can be used to minimize the gap to ¼ “ which can be made to fall over the vertical glass aluminum member.