Window Roller Blinds Manufacturers & Suppliers in Navi Mumbai –

We make all types of roller blinds. The selection of a particular fabric of roller depend on the purpose of the client or say on the basis light filter , visibility , privacy, blockout roller blinds are used while blocking the outside light to unable to make dark room for audio video presentation in conference halls etc. The most common roller blinds are classified as under. As shown in …. The Fabrics of roller blinds are available in large sizes up to 3 Meters (120 “), 2.5 meters (99”) , 2meters(79 “0) .

The maximum size width we recommend by experience is 8 feet for manually operated roller blinds and for higher width we recommend Motorized roller blinds. The Roller blinds can be rolled up or rolled down as per the choice or convenience or requirement of the user manually or by remote control or switches in motorized roller blinds.

1)   Roller blinds with Screen fabric also called Screen Roller blinds.

2)   Translucent fabric Roller blinds or Translucent roller blinds.

3)   Blackout Roller Blinds or Blockout Roller Blinds

Recently since there has been development in the Fabric of roller blinds more advanced fabrics have been introduced in the market like shear fabric and Triple fabric roller blind.

There are two main types of Roller blinds that are classified by use of these shear fabric roller blinds also called shear blinds

1)   Zebra roller Blind

2)   Triple Roller Blinds or Shangri-La roller blind