Q 1 .How are blinds operated or how do blinds work?

Ans. All manual blinds normally are operated by a bead ball chain provided at either end the blinds. The position of the operating end can be fixed at the time of blinds installations.
The blinds can be made semi automating by allying springs loaded like in spring loaded roller blinds.

The blinds also can be operated with the help of motors. the motorized roll er blind wherein tubular motors inserted inside the aluminium roll up pipes and are actuated with the help of electrical switches or remote controls .

Q 2 How to prevent roller fabrics to from falling of the aluminium pipe.?

Ans. The roller blinds fabrics normally fall or get detached from aluminum pipe due to self weight due to poor quality of adhesive tapes, But one should ensure that the blinds should be operated to full length (height) in such a way that there is at least one full cover or overlap of the fabric after opening of the blind . Normally we installers provide a guide lock on the operating chain to ensure the fabric detachment. The client should ensure ensure to open blinds completely before making final payments.
like sofa .

Q3 Can roller blinds be made from normal upholstery like sofa or curtain cloths?

Ans. No, the roller blinds fabrics are made for special coatings and re available in higher widths to ensure single stretch of fabric and also desired stiffness.

Q 4 . How much allowances or space is required to fix blinds brackets?

Ans. Normally
For a single roller blind can be easy fixed in 3.5″ x 3.5″ or 90 mm pelmet section and 6″ X 6″ if the blinds are to be overlapped to avoid gap between blinds.

For Venetian blinds 1.25″ or 32 mm X mm

For vertical blinds 1″ more than the size of louvers selected.

Q5. How is selection of particular fabric is ascertained or decided?

Ans. The particular Fabric of roller blinds is fixed keeping in mind the requirement , purpose and light requirement inside the rooms , Now a days a pair of blinds is also installed for quantity of light requirement at different times of the day screen fabric blinds , and Blackout fabric Blinds installed in single window.

Q6. Why Do roller blinds get unlocked or do not get stuck in middle of the window drop or height?

Ans. The roller blinds fabrics are held in position with the help of Springs inside the control unit of the operating sets of the blinds . The quality of these roller set is determined with their load bearing capacity . The quality of these units should be ascertained while installation. Just Don’t relay on competitive cost ensure the components quality.