Vertical Blinds Manufacturers Mumbai

Vertical Blinds are the most widely accepted window covering or window decorating products for office and window covering, due to their aesthetic maintenance free quality easily availability and low cost. The vertical blinds have two movement or positions in accordance to the vertical individual louvers position.

a) The Closed Position
b) The Semi Open Position
c) Left Side Collection/Operation
d) Right Side Collection/Operation
e) Center Opening

The customer can place / change the position of the louvers to their requirement with the help of operating ball chain and thread provided at the ends of the top channels. The opening positions showing the verticals lovers in deferment situations in shown in the finger, The Vertical Blinds are tailor made to the customer’s window sizes and color selection. and the selection of the fabrics depends upon the customers requirement of light permeability required, In general there are two types of fabrics for the vertical blinds they are (a) translucent fabrics (b) blackout or opaque fabrics.

The customer can also opt for different color combination patterns in accordance to their interiors or creative ideas. We have a collection of about 100 different colored designs and shades for your selection. The Vertical blinds fabrics are !00% polyester Blended and are chemically treated , CNC silted in 4″, 3″, 2″sizes.

The chemical treatment in fabrics offer them inherent qualities of dust, oil, and water repellent. The fabrics coating is based on the most modern technique of U.K Based KNIFE OVER ROLL System .All The fabrics are Acrylic coated on both sides to ensure minimal Light penetration.. The Fabrics can be cleaned with damp sponge and mild soapy water, The Top Aluminum channels are Powder Coated and are available to the maximum lengths of 15 feet. The components runners, spacers, control unit, tilting chains, bottom chains are all imported.